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Thursday, 7 September 2017

I promise

That would be the last time I hurt myself, I promise.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Starting from the start once again...


Okay, before start reading this, you all should turn on a song, and listen to the song while reading to the blog, search for 'Drenched' and yes, now u can start to read. 

So now is 11.10pm on a Monday morning. (usual monday blues of course). I just finished a movie called 'How to be Single', and I think this is the perfect movie for me at this moment of time because I JUST BROKE UP 

(it marked a full-stop) 

Now the question that terrifies me the most is 'how are you and your boyfriend?' That was a really tough question, every time when i hear that question, my heart breaks a little. I really do not know how to answer that, I don't think I am tough enough to answer that. Because when i say, 'I just broke up', the next question would be WHY. 

I feel like telling them 'NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS', but instead I have to smile and say "PERSONALITIES CLASHES" which is pure bullshit. the real reason is actually because both of us cant hold this shit together anymore and things are falling apart. Nobody would understand this, so no point create another why question for myself to answer. 

So, we broke up on the 22nd July, and it was exactly one week before his birthday. I did not plan that for sure because I was looking forward to his birthday. I had huge plans like bring him to Ho Chi Minh that he always wanted to go. However on the 21st July, I had a company party and I decided to go because we had some hiccups for the past few weeks, and I think I deserve a break for sure. That is why I told him that I wanted to go. He did not say anything, but i did not care of course. (since he always goes to club without me, so why I cannot go to some party with my colleagues) He doesn't trust me, even tho the last time i betrayed his trust was long ago. Once I have decided to settle down, I will be damn settled. But unfortunately he could not feel it. I went to the party to get my mind straight to celebrate his birthday with a more clear mind. 

So, one of my colleague/neighbour/nice guy fetched me back home after the party. When i was in the car, he called and said some nasty things just because I did not update him for 2hours when i was in the party. When the nasty things came out from his mouth, that was the moment when the thought popped in my brain. My brain suddenly woke up and told me that I definitely cannot marry someone who says something like this to me. No matter how good girl I am, I will never be to him. I will never meet his expectations because I do not have rights to ask for anything. (and that was because I misused his trust last time) Of course, I miss him. A lot. But what can I do right? I need to be very strong and know what I actually want.

I have never been single since i was 17. Like really really single, and starting to live my life for myself, instead of living for someone else. So I think this is the best time. However, I would like to thank Mr S.  He taught me how to value myself and how to not let guys take me for granted. (but I willingly let him take me for granted, pfftttt) So from now on, I will do things I like. I will start to have hobbies and meeting new people and seeing lives in a different perspective. 

It will be tough, but I will try to get myself ready. At least I have my pui pui with me. ♡ I love bears. So, pui pui is just a bear i own. (Just sharing the photos of bears from different places, the first one is pui pui!!) 

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Almost Gone

Hey yo! 👯

It has been centuries since I last blogged . Time really flies I have to say. From my last blogpost, I was still unemployed. After half year of working with my uncle, I was unemployed for half year. Oh well, not really unemployed. I was a part time poker player. Hhahahahhahah. At that point of time, me and one of my really closed friend, J were unemployed, so we will ajak friends to play poker for living. :D 

THat was how I met with my current boyfriend, Stanley. 

......It all happened 2 years ago........ Stanley invited me to his birthday because I was his friend's(boy) friend's(girl) friend.... So my friend called and asked me whether I can make it, but sadly I wasn't in town. But from the photos, I can see he enjoyed his birthday (without me) a lot. 😒 So, after that me and my gang went to a Shisha place opened by him, that was how we met each other. 

He was making shisha with his formal shirt.. First thought: Playboy! 

Who would make shisha with formal clothes. We shisha and talked, but at the time I thought he liked another friend of mine. Hmmmm. didn't know it was a tactic. If you want to get a girl, pay more attention to her friend everyone! DAMN STUPIDDDDDD. (well, it works) 

One day after shisha, they had house party at his friend's place, and he invited me and Chian. But we couldn't make it. So, he facebook messaged me, that was how we started chatting. Then, he asked me for movie.. and then. tadahhhhhhhhh. 

After a couple of month of drama, we got together, but sadly I got a job in AirAsia (which means I have to move to KL) Hmmmmmm. We made it work, we are already now together for 1 year and 8 months.. It started quite rough, but I believe it is getting better.💗 
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So, I start my job in AirAsia on 1 Oct 2015, which means I am already here for more than 1 and a half year. I love this job a lot because I found my group of colleagues/friends that I can mix well with and the best boss ever <3 A lot of people asked me what do I do in my job... So, I do basically everything. Hhahahaa. I liaise with tourism bodies, deal with vendor to organize event, think of fun and effective marketing campaigns, I handle China, Taiwan and Hong Kong... And a loootttttttttttttttttttt more. 

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Me and my high school bitches argued and separated and patched back again recently. (super-summary) 
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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Career Path

Hello everybodehhh, 

Today I just want to share a bit about whatever is going on for the past 6 months. Hmmm. So I have completed my degree last year December. Then decided to come back first regardless of anything (REGRET LIKE CRAZY NOW). I regretted for being so weak to be homesick most of the time there in Aussie. WTH man, how old d, some more homesick. I will never understand the situation I had half year ago. lol. anywayyyy.... ok. so I came back in December 2014 then I just stayed and rested at home in Penang for around a month.... Then my mum started nagging me and asked me to apply for job and beautify my resume. Oh well.... I just engsiu engsiu a bit because I just graduated, can't all of you just let me rest awhile before I start a new job, because I know once I start working, I am going to work for the rest of my life. 

So, around January, me and my parents went down to KL just to visit my 'K-pa' and 'K-mak'.... And then did a little shopping during the trip. And then after 2 days in KL, we drove back to penang. And guess what, when we were on the way back to Penang, my godfather called and asked me whether I am interested to join his team in consulting AmBank for GST project... Actually during the 'vacation', they kept asking me what am I going to do next ah,.. this and that.. Okay, of course I answered them like a professional lar. Wanna impress them mar... Hahhaha. So........ I told him to let me consider for awhile because I really dunno whether the job suits me or not, or whether I can cope or not. However, that day was Friday then he said if I am interested, then I have to start work on Monday. R U FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Like 2 days notice? =.='' Of course my parents told me that they will support me no matter what, but they reckon that this opportunity is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY as it will be a great stepping stone for my career path. TBH, I really don't mind giving a try, but thinking of the need to stay with them under one roof makes me soooooo stress out and cray cray. So I cried that night until I fell sleep in my bed. The next day morning (Saturday) when I woke up, I thought it was just a dream;. But unfortunately its not. ughhhh.. So I went to meet my boyfriend to discuss with him about this 'plan' that I feel it is going to happen no matter what. I was soooo scared. You guys must be wondering why am I so scared to move in to my godparents' place.... hahahahaha. Ok, let me explain.... Both of them are really controlling, but in a better way of saying is 'overly concern' Like super over that type. Besides, my godfather is not a very easy type of guy, he has his temper and super strict (god knows why) 

So, if I decide to take this job, means GOODBYE FREEDOM & GOODBYE NIGHTLIFE & GOODBYE BRA-LESS DAYS AT HOME. As everyone knows, I am a very good girl who will listen to my parents' advice. Okay... maybe not, I am quite rebellious... Hhhaha. But at least I am rational when I have to make serious decisions... SO, finally I decided to take the job, but I will only go over to KL on Wednesday. And of course I continued crying for the next few days after making the decision.... My boyfriend was with me most of the time because when I am alone then I will start crying again. No la. actually I cried when he was around also. I felt bad also actually. Because that plan wasn't the initial plan. The initial plan was I go back to Adelaide with him and find a job there then we will live happily ever after. Okayyy.. now we also broke up d. What else to say ahhh. Plan gone, relationship gone, future is super duper ultra unclear. How am I suppose to walk down the road ahhh?! U tell me la. Luckily I have a bunch of supportive friends around me. Hehehee. Although they kek me most of the time lar. But I know they love me deep inside them. HHhahahahaha. I assume lar. <3 

5 months have gone just like that. These 5 months, I really learnt a lot from the project/job. although I did not really have my personal and private time. But me and my cousin definitely became closer.... Heheheheh We need super rebellious and crazy things as well. Hahahha :D I love her <3 

So.... the same question again.... What am I going to do next? Honestly, I HAVE NO IDEA. rest and go for holiday first, then only decidethen. #yolo

That's all for today. I will try to update my blog more. (I WILL TRY)

Super lazy lately... Maybe next blog will be fashion related post? Love life? Nahhhhh. Fashion is goof. hehe. Love ya'll

Yours Truly,

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Angela's 22nd birthday

Last saturday I went to my course mate's birthday! Angelababy! haaha. Angela I mean. :) 
I was afraid that I couldn't blend in with her friends because I don't know any of them except for birthday herself. Sooooo, I dragged my boyfriend to join me there. But apparently, I had a super great time there because the companions that night were all really fun and cray cray. The theme was black. 

After getting ready.... Selfie timeeeee. 


When I arrived, my first friend and she is a nice and fun person. Hahhaha. Too bad she drove, so she doesn't get to drink. boooo. 


Wish to have more of this kinda nights to come <3 Love ya'll


Saturday, 13 September 2014

20 facts about me

Hey there readers,

I posted 20 facts about myself on my instagram @angsharmaine but i realized I have a lot more facts about myself that I would like to share. Especially to my blog readers. Heheeee. I know I have abandoned my blog for quite a long time, but I swear I really didnt have time to blog. sorrryyyyyy.
Anyway, lets start with the 20 more facts about Sharmaine Ang. :)

1) I can't play games where you can control the direction that you look, I will puke. (within minutes)
2) I can't watch 3D movies! (I will vomit too)
3) I always do last minute work (I have to change :( )
4) I cannot sleep without my bolster because my grandma sewed it for me when I was three or four.
5) I miss my grandparents and hope that they are still alive (I always dream about them)
6) I actually miss my high school life in PCGHS.
7) I hate to apologize/admit my mistakes. (even it is my fault)
8) I hate bitches who text my boyfriend. (He is mine OK!)
9) I hate people who post their photos with full make up on Instagram but HASHTAG NAKEDFACE. (what's the point)
10) Sometimes I am lazy, like super duper lazy. (the laziness level= FUCKING HIGH)
11) I still believe that one day I will win an award in Teen Choice Awards. (my victory speech will be: I wanna thank my parents and everyone that support me all this while. Last year, I was still lying on my couch watching this award... ...)
12) I can't live without Milo. <3
13)  I have six silly bums best girlfriends. Although we are scattered around the globe, but we love each other.
14) I have two childhood bestfriend. Although we are don't talk everyday, but we feel so comfortable when we talk again. They are like family to me. Ohya, and a high school crazy artistic homie who can draw like nobody's business. 
15) I am afraid to ride on roller coasters, but when I do, I will repeat the ride again and again.
16) My period cramp is terrible during my menstrual cycle.
17) A few youtubers that I love: Bethany Mota, Hana Tam, Chloe Morello, Shannon, ImJennim
18) When I am shopping online, I always put every clothing item I like in Bag, then close the whole tab. ( poor kids problem)
19) I am not a gold digger (Although I love gifts and presents from my boyfriend, LOL)
20) I love to blog. But I dont have time & I dont have a good camera.  (True story bro)

That's all for today.

Maine, xx

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Pure like Gardenia (The Carrie Diaries)

Hey guys,

Warning: Its gonna be a boring post! (I promise it is a meaningful and life changing post, haha...maybe... at least for me) 

I've been so busy with the preparation for my exam, which is going to happen next week. :O oh well, life as a student, we often need to go through this stress and pressure. But people always tell me that studying is definitely more fun and less pressure compare to working. In my point of view, I feel that human will never be satisfied with what they have or the position they are in. So, work and study have equal stress and pressure. :)))
However, watching The Carrie Diaries is a must no matter what kinda busy and hectic life I am having. In episode 3 of the carrie diaries. They mentioned that we need to find the Zen in ourselves, take everything easily and most importantly is KEEP CALM no matter what situation we are in. THings will eventually work out, wait, of course we need to work them out, but we will find a way somehow.

This is a photo of Gardenia. According to a Canadian florist,The gardenia is a beautiful flower that was actually named after Dr Alexander Garden who was a Scottish-born naturalist. The gardenia is a beautiful flower, but it actually is going to take a lot of work to grow. However, if you can grow it, it is a very beautiful flower and it smells great. This flower has some deep floral meanings, it actually says “You are lovely” and it is even a symbol of a secret love. This is a great gift for those of us that are true romantics, think Romeo and Juliet style. Make sure that you are giving this to someone that you really care about.

In the drama, The Carrie Diaries, Carrie actually taught me something about life. Gardenia is a pure, clean, beautiful and it smells perfect! It is also one of the most difficult flower to plant. However, if it blooms, then the smell of this flower will flow into your soul and its gonna be wonderful. Same goes to our life, it is not easy to fight through all the obstacles and challenges in life. However, if we fought through every hard life and obstacle, then there will be a beautiful and perfect life awaiting for us. I cant believe I've learnt so many things through a drama series. Hahhahahaa. :D And I cant believe i've said such meaningful things in the above paragraphs. :'D ......okay, goes back to the real me, I am so in love with Sebastian Kydd. OHGOSHHHH! 

Vanessa Hudgens is one lucky bitch! (I'm just jealous, lol) 

Carrie Maine