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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Almost Gone

Hey yo! 👯

It has been centuries since I last blogged . Time really flies I have to say. From my last blogpost, I was still unemployed. After half year of working with my uncle, I was unemployed for half year. Oh well, not really unemployed. I was a part time poker player. Hhahahahhahah. At that point of time, me and one of my really closed friend, J were unemployed, so we will ajak friends to play poker for living. :D 

THat was how I met with my current boyfriend, Stanley. 

......It all happened 2 years ago........ Stanley invited me to his birthday because I was his friend's(boy) friend's(girl) friend.... So my friend called and asked me whether I can make it, but sadly I wasn't in town. But from the photos, I can see he enjoyed his birthday (without me) a lot. 😒 So, after that me and my gang went to a Shisha place opened by him, that was how we met each other. 

He was making shisha with his formal shirt.. First thought: Playboy! 

Who would make shisha with formal clothes. We shisha and talked, but at the time I thought he liked another friend of mine. Hmmmm. didn't know it was a tactic. If you want to get a girl, pay more attention to her friend everyone! DAMN STUPIDDDDDD. (well, it works) 

One day after shisha, they had house party at his friend's place, and he invited me and Chian. But we couldn't make it. So, he facebook messaged me, that was how we started chatting. Then, he asked me for movie.. and then. tadahhhhhhhhh. 

After a couple of month of drama, we got together, but sadly I got a job in AirAsia (which means I have to move to KL) Hmmmmmm. We made it work, we are already now together for 1 year and 8 months.. It started quite rough, but I believe it is getting better.💗 
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So, I start my job in AirAsia on 1 Oct 2015, which means I am already here for more than 1 and a half year. I love this job a lot because I found my group of colleagues/friends that I can mix well with and the best boss ever <3 A lot of people asked me what do I do in my job... So, I do basically everything. Hhahahaa. I liaise with tourism bodies, deal with vendor to organize event, think of fun and effective marketing campaigns, I handle China, Taiwan and Hong Kong... And a loootttttttttttttttttttt more. 

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Me and my high school bitches argued and separated and patched back again recently. (super-summary) 
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